Grass Mat Flooring: Enhancing Safety and Comfort

A common choice for garden flooring, grass mats are a non-slip surface that is suitable to walk on and will protect the underlying grass. They are also a great option to create a pathway in gardens as they look as real as possible and are much cheaper than installing artificial grass. There are many different types of grass matting on the market depending on your needs including rubber, plastic and perforated grass mats. All these options can be purchased from Greatmats and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Grass mats are often installed in playgrounds and at temporary events to give a soft, natural looking path. They are also a popular option for use on farms and allotments to give a hard wearing, wheelchair friendly walkway. They can also be used in equestrian areas as they are strong yet soft on horses and have a textured surface that reduces the risk of slippage. They are available in a range of thicknesses to suit your budget and are easy to install by simply laying them end to end. They are then secured into the ground below using cable ties and/or plastic fixing pegs to ensure they do not move when walked on.

The biggest advantage of grass matting grass mat flooring is that it protects the underlying lawn and prevents damage from heavy foot traffic. It also gives a more vibrant appearance than natural grass and requires very little maintenance to keep it healthy and beautiful all year round. In drier regions, this can be especially useful as it will help to save on water bills. Many homeowners choose to buy grass mats for their homes as they are a cost effective alternative to natural lawns which will require regular watering.

Most of the grass matting on offer is made from either natural Ncema Grass or recycled rubber which makes them extremely durable. This makes them perfect for outdoor use and they can withstand heavy foot traffic and weather conditions such as frost, rain and sunshine. They can also be easily cut to size to fit specific requirements and can be joined together to form large surface areas if needed.

Another advantage of using grass mats is that they provide a high standard of safety in children’s playgrounds. They can be used under and around swings, climbing frames and see-saws to create a safe and soft impact absorbing play area. They are also able to meet the current critical fall height standards of BS 7188 and BS EN 1177: 2008 of up to 3.3 metres.

The most well-known and widely used type of grass matting is made from Ncema Grass which has been hand made by rural Zulu women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This grass matting is a very important source of income for these families and helps them to provide for their family members. This grass matting is also highly used in the film industry for cladding, back drops and props as it gives the effect of a beach or bush ambiance very effectively.