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Tax Attorneys – Why You Need an Orange County Tax Attorney

The IRS can seize assets, garnish wages, impose penalties and pursue criminal charges. When the IRS sends a letter threatening action, taxpayers need to act quickly. Local IRS offices offer basic help described below, but an experienced Orange County tax attorney, certified public accountant or enrolled agent authorized to practice before the IRS can provide the expert advocacy that such complex cases require.

A successful business depends on the ability to abide by federal and state tax laws. When a business owner or individual encounters an issue with the IRS or Franchise Tax Board, it is important to contact an Orange County tax lawyer as soon as possible. The longer the issue is left unresolved, the more penalties and interest will accrue.

Wilson Tax Law is an Orange County based firm that represents individuals and businesses with tax issues. The firm has a broad range of experience handling tax audits, negotiating with the IRS, filing back taxes and providing IRS collection assistance. It also handles international compliance issues, such as reporting foreign bank accounts, FBARs and other forms of offshore reporting, and assists with international business tax issues.

An audit from the IRS can be very stressful for both a business and an individual. The firm’s founder is a former IRS attorney and tax prosecutor who knows the tactics that the agency uses to intimidate and harass taxpayers. He will aggressively fight for you against the IRS and Franchise Tax Board to protect your rights.

Having an experienced Tax Attorney Orange County by your side can make all the difference in the outcome of a tax dispute. A knowledgeable Orange County tax attorney can ensure that your interests are represented by the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board in a fair and equitable manner.

An experienced Orange County IRS collections lawyer can stop a wage garnishment, bank account levy or other form of tax collection from the agency. The firm can also negotiate a payment plan with the IRS to settle your debt. If negotiations fail, the Orange County tax attorney can represent you at a Collection Appeals Program (CAP) hearing before an independent judge.

The firm’s founding partner is a former IRS trial attorney and a California tax prosecutor who has a unique understanding of the tactics that the agency uses to intimidate taxpayers. He has extensive knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, the tools used by the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board to conduct audits and collect delinquent taxes, and he is well versed in the various methods for resolving tax disputes. He can assist with issues involving business and personal income taxes, employment tax, estate and trusts taxes, payroll tax problems, and more. He is also an adjunct professor of tax law at Loyola University School of Law and Chapman University Fowler School of Law. He teaches courses on taxation of partnerships, corporate and bankruptcy taxation, and has published articles on international business transactions and related topics.

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