What are the continuing education requirements for realtors in Michigan?

Every state’s real estate regulatory body requires that licensed real estate agents and brokers complete certain tasks to keep their license. The most time consuming of these is Realtor Continuing Education, which consists of taking a set number of courses about real estate law and ethics. The number of required hours varies by state, as does the content, but in general it’s best to focus on subjects that will help you be a better broker or agent for your clients.

New York requires that all brokers and salespersons successfully complete 22.5 hours of approved CE including a mandatory course on the Law of Agency. This course must be completed in the licensee’s initial two-year licensing term and no later than their renewal cycle. Additionally, the following topics must be covered: 2.5 hours of ethical business practices, 1 hour of recent legal matters, 3 hours on fair housing and/or discrimination and 1 hour of agency-related instruction.

Online course providers like McKissock Learning have an ever-growing library of classes and courses, which is great if you want to mix up your educational experience. However, some learners prefer to take a single provider throughout their entire licensing period because of consistency and convenience.

Another option is to use a multistate course provider like Aceable Agent, which offers prelicensing options as well as CE courses that meet multiple states’ requirements. This provider works with real estate commissions to offer courses that will count towards your CE credits in the states where they’re offered, and the company is expanding its reach to cover even more states.

In Nebraska, experienced licensees need 18 hours of approved CE every three years. The required topics vary depending on your license level, but the majority of your required credits must be in the law category.

Oklahoma licensees must complete 21 hours of approved CE each licensing period – the specifics of what’s required differ by license type. You can find out the details for each license type by checking OREC’s website.

South Carolina requires 24 hours of CE every two years – 12 of those must be in required subject areas. The other 12 can be filled in with elective courses. New brokers in charge need 4 hours of BIC Duties and Responsibilities.

The District of Columbia requires 15 hours of coursework each licensing period. The Mandatory Topics section of the real estate licensing guide on the DOL’s website has detailed information about what’s required for each license level.

In Tennessee, licensees must complete 16 hours of CE every two years – 10 of those hours must be in mandatory topics and 8 in electives. The requirements for first-time licensees are different, so check with the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.