What is print management services?

While digital transformation has brought huge improvements to document workflows, many vital processes still rely heavily on print. For these reasons, it’s vital to have a print solution that’s reliable and efficient. Print services are just that, an external service provider who takes over the management of a customer’s print fleet and documents with the goal of providing savings, efficiency, productivity, security, sustainability and peace of mind.

In the past, most companies had a variety of contracts with different print service providers for their multifunctional devices, printers and supplies. This often resulted in hidden costs, inefficiency and a lack of visibility across the print environment. Managed print services optimize the print fleet to offer visibility, a fixed monthly budget, reduction of waste and increased end user productivity.

Having an expert team managing the print print services manchester process frees up internal resources, enabling them to focus on activities that accelerate growth and make a difference to the business. Guy Bickerstaff, National General Manager at Euro Garages, a company that operates over 100 locations, discovered that reducing their printer numbers and switching to MPS helped them save on maintenance fees, energy costs and space requirements by consolidating hardware. This was all made possible with a Brother MPS deployment that allowed them to reduce printing by 30%.

Another benefit of MPS is a significant reduction in paper and consumables usage. Having all devices connected to a single monitoring system means that only the right quantity of supplies is delivered and there are no unused or obsolete items sitting around, which can also be a source of cost. MPS providers are also able to identify and implement workflows that help with document management, security and digital transformation.

Asking a potential print service what they do to ensure quality is another great way to learn more about the capabilities of a company. This can include asking whether they use proofs before sending a job to print, if they have any environmental policies and how they handle mistakes or alterations that need to be made to the original design.

As well as ensuring that they have a quality control system in place, a good print service should also be able to give you an idea of how quickly they can turnaround orders and provide you with a quote. This can be particularly important for ecommerce customers who need to get their products on the shelves as fast as possible.

It is also worth checking that the print service you are considering has experience handling large format and specialist printing. This can be a key factor for many customers and may be one of the reasons they choose to work with a trusted supplier rather than try and do it themselves. Finally, be sure to check whether the print service has a clear refund policy in case something does go wrong and they are unable to meet their deadlines. This is especially important for ecommerce customers who need to ensure their products arrive on time for their peak sales periods.