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IPQS Review – Is IPQS a Free Email Verifier?

IPQS is a free email verifier that allows you to find out if an email address is a genuine or fake account. It also checks to see if an address is disposable or has been used in a spam trap. The service also helps you detect fraudulent users and prevents them from registering.

Inboxing rates are affected by email deliverability, so it’s important to make sure your email list is free of invalid addresses. One way to do this is to validate your marketing list every six months. A free email verifier tool such as IPQS can help you avoid bouncing emails and maintain a healthy sender score.

IPQS is one of the best email verification and reputation APIs available. You can track 5,000 records per month for free. IPQS also provides a human point of contact to answer your questions and assist you with setup. Plus, you get big data directly from their threat network, which provides a more accurate insight into the reputation of an email address. This means you can trust IPQS’s services to ensure fraud-free transactions.

IPQS has developed a proprietary method to ensure that their services work with email blockers. SMTP servers will normally block requests to verify large sets of email addresses. However, IPQS’s proprietary system will allow you to trigger SMTP queries and determine the validity of an email address. If the query is rejected, it may indicate that an email address has been compromised or that a user is likely to commit a fraudulent activity.

IPQS’s email validation API performs hundreds of syntax checks, ensuring that the email address you’re attempting to verify is valid and will work with your mail service provider. IPQS’s API will also check whether an email address has been leaked in a recent data breach. Emails that have been exposed through a data breach are commonly used by malicious users. Performing email validation in real-time can help you keep your spam filters in check and decrease fraudulent behavior.

Another key advantage of IPQS is its ability to identify spam and honeypot emails. These emails are stealthy and often affect the delivery of your messages. They can also lead to blacklisting from mail providers. Additionally, they can impact your sender score, which can also affect your inboxing rates.

IPQS offers a wide array of anti-fraud solutions, including device fingerprinting, spam trap detection, and email and IP lookups. IPQS also has a robust API that allows you to easily implement real-time account sign up filtering.

IPQS is a leading email verification and reputation API provider that has been designed to work with most major mail service providers. IPQS’s comprehensive Email Verification and Reputation API provides detailed information on email addresses, including their age, domain, name, and more. By leveraging the power of IPQS’s extensive data collection, you can ensure that you’re sending only high quality emails to your leads.

IPQS also has a suite of tools to detect fraudulent sign-ups and abusive behavior. They monitor dark web leaks, stolen identities, and even suspicious payments. IPQS helps you protect your leads, improve your email deliverability, and reduce your mass mailing costs.

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